Yoga classes in Valencia

In the asanas practice we use vinyasas (synchronization of breath and movement), drishtis (gazing points) and bandhas (energy locks). This practice not only develops a strong and healthy body but also a flexible and stable mind. A regular practice leads to joy, inner peace and balance and supports self-transformation and self-realization.

I offer public classes in two studios in Valencia, but I give private lessons, on request also on the beach or in the park. In addition, we have week-end workshops once a month and an intensive training week in summer. Information about the prices can be found here.


This is the timetable from September 2017 on. 

Centro Armonia:

C/ Duque de Gaeta, 31; 46022 Valencia

Alameda Training

C/ Antigua Senda de Senent, 3 Bajo, 46023 Valencia